The Benefits (And the Challenges) Of Enterprise Resource Planning

Some people are old enough to remember life before the cloud – or even before servers – when business information was truly siloed by department and sharing data was extremely time-consuming. While we have come a long way and technology has made sharing more possible, many enterprises still suffer from lack of application integration, making… Read More »

CSS ProSearch Launches New Website and New Social Media

CSS ProSearch Launches New Website and New Social Media, Separating from Parent Company, Contemporary Staffing Solutions 2019 has been a year of tremendous success for CSS ProSearch, originally a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions (CSS). Client and candidate testimonials have reinforced the strategic need to brand this Search Team separately from the Staffing Team… Read More »

Optimize Sales Operations With AI

Optimize Sales Operations With AI B2B sales has been in a state of evolution in recent years, thanks to technology. On the buying side, clients are spending more time conducting independent research online. On the sales side, reps are having to adjust their approach in response, leaning heavily on operations and technology to help them… Read More »