Success Story: National Imaging Provider

CSS ProSearch tackled a National Imaging and Radiology Provider’s recruitment struggles by assigning dedicated recruiters to each region, leading to improved candidate acquisition, elevated sales talent, and accelerated sales team growth.



Despite their efforts, a National Imaging and Radiology Provider struggled to locate high-caliber sales candidates independently, with managers tasked solely with sourcing.



CSS ProSearch assigned dedicated recruiters to each region, resulting in the successful placement of 16 candidates out of 25 full-time positions within 6 months. Despite budget constraints, the indispensability of CSS ProSearch’s services prompted the National Imaging and Radiology Provider to request an exception, acknowledging its vital role in driving sales team growth.



1. Quick Candidate Acquisition

With the assignment of dedicated recruiters to each region, ProSearch was able to provide a quick turn-around on this clients need.


2. Improved Sales Talent Quality

By going after passive, award-winning candidates, CSS ProSearch elevated the overall quality of the sales talent within the organization.


3. Sales Team Growth

CSS ProSearch’s ability to consistently provide high-caliber candidates not only filled critical sales positions but also contributed directly to the expansion and strengthening of the sales team.


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