Success Story: Leading Company in the Senior Care Industry

CSS ProSearch addressed the recruitment challenges of a leading company in the Senior Care industry by establishing a nationwide sales team, appointing candidates, and laying a robust foundation for long-term success.   Challenges A leading company in the Senior Care industry faced challenges meeting their hiring needs during rapid growth, with 75 open positions and… Read More »

CSS ProSearch Spotlight with Carlee Banfield, Senior Sales Recruiter

Achieving President’s Club status their first year is just one of the many impressive feats that make Carlee Banfield, Senior Sales Recruiter, a standout member of the CSS ProSearch team. From her first day, she embraced ProSearch’s small company feel, feeling valued and heard, and she’s been a driving force behind their collective success ever… Read More »

Life Science Boom: How to Attract and Retain Sales & Marketing Talent in the Industry

The life science industry is experiencing a significant boom, driven by advancements in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting the Healthcare sector to grow faster than any other sector by 45% now all the way through 2032.      This surge is creating a wealth of opportunities, but also… Read More »

CSS ProSearch Spotlight with Brian Bogle, Recruiting Director

Celebrated as the Team MVP on multiple occasions and a frequent honoree at the prestigious President’s Club, Brian Bogle’s success story is a testament to his dedication and passion. Over the past decade, Brian has not only excelled in his role but also become a cornerstone of the company’s culture and success. Connect with Brian… Read More »

CSS ProSearch Spotlight with Diane Downey, Executive Search Consultant

A standout member on the CSS ProSearch team, Diane Downey’s tenure has been highlighted by significant accolades, including prestigious awards such as President’s Club, MVP of Service, and the esteemed Pinnacle Award.  Aside from her accolades, Diane flourishes in an environment where every team member brings unique strengths to the table, fostering a culture of… Read More »

Success Story: National Imaging Provider

CSS ProSearch tackled a National Imaging and Radiology Provider’s recruitment struggles by assigning dedicated recruiters to each region, leading to improved candidate acquisition, elevated sales talent, and accelerated sales team growth.   Challenges Despite their efforts, a National Imaging and Radiology Provider struggled to locate high-caliber sales candidates independently, with managers tasked solely with sourcing.… Read More »

Capitalizing on Opportunity: Strategies for Securing Top Tech Sales Talent

In recent times, headlines have been dominated by news of layoffs and restructuring within the tech industry. Yet, amidst this apparent turbulence, there’s a silent roar echoing through the corridors of hiring departments: the demand for effective salespeople remains resoundingly high. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the job growth for… Read More »

CSS ProSearch Spotlight with Madelyn Bradway, Senior Sourcer and Team Lead

A standout figure at CSS ProSearch, Madelyn Bradway’s journey so far has been marked by notable accomplishments and a steadfast dedication to her craft. From unforgettable moments such as the President’s Club Trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico, to earning esteemed accolades like the Purple Cow Award, Maddie’s insights provide a glimpse into the rich fabric… Read More »

Life Sciences Industry Sales Trends Update

Leaders in the 2023 life sciences field find themselves in a market ecosystem drastically different from years past. Data insights tell the story of a hyper-competitive, customer-focused market attracting investors far and wide because of life science’s proven immunity to economic recession. CSS ProSearch has compiled three market-leading 2023 trends within the sales sphere of… Read More »

Elderly & At-Home Care Industry Trend Update

As global life expectancy rises thanks to revolutionary medical breakthroughs, senior care faces bandwidth and sustainability issues after the employment lifecycle. To fully understand these elderly care challenges and the sustainable solutions to meet them, the sales professionals at CSS ProSearch have compiled three market-leading 2023 trends within the sales sphere of the senior care… Read More »