Top ways to celebrate the holidays remotely with your team

As another year draws to a close, everyone is looking for new, festive ways to celebrate the holidays with their team. These past 21 months have challenged us in new ways, and in the face of changing work culture, many companies have adopted full or hybrid remote models. While this may change the way we celebrate, there’s still an endless variety of fun-filled, virtual options for your holiday bash.

“Whether your company has always been connected on the cloud or has recently transitioned from the office to WFH, this season is always a great opportunity to bond with the people who are part of your day-to-day and who make your business what it is.” Says Abby Prince, ProSearch Director

Take a look at the following ideas and get inspired on how to have fun with your team and celebrate another year of great work:

Have a Holiday Watch-Party

For a more low-key get-together, have your team pick one or two of their favorite holiday movies. Apps like Teleparty and Scener are easy-to-use Chrome extensions and have access to everyone’s favorite streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

Play Snack Santa and Send Out a Care Package

What’s a movie party without snacks? Show your team your appreciation by sending everyone fun treats through delivery services like Sugarwish or Snappy. For the team with a variety of tastes and diet preferences, you can also take a look at delivery services like SmartBox that have a multitude of snack and beverage mix options.

Add Some Zany to Your Zoom Party

Anyone can schedule a Zoom meeting and name it Holiday Party 2021, but what do you do once you’re on camera in your ugliest, most festive holiday sweater? Play fun games together with the Jackbox Games streaming pack or add suspense with a virtual escape room. If you and the team are feeling extra daring, get your Mariah Carey on and belt out your favorite Christmas song on virtual karaoke apps like Voicebox.

Keep the Gift-giving Going

Working remotely doesn’t mean the end of Secret Santa. Websites like DrawNames and the Secret Santa Generator keep all the secrecy of the traditional hat-draw while simplifying things—everyone can enter their names, wish lists, and mailing addresses, then draw their giftee name, all on one website. To keep the thrill of suspense until official gift time during your virtual holiday party, provide everyone a prepaid shipping label with the official return address.

Celebrate with a Virtual Feast

You’ve got the activities lined up, everyone’s getting their Secret Santa gifts ready, and your snack box care packages are on the way. With everyone in the festive mood, add the star on the tree by sending everyone a beautiful holiday feast to enjoy during your Zoom party. Provide expensed meals or gift cards so everyone can order their local favorites, and go the extra mile with a boozy drink tasting. Send out a wine or whiskey tasting with the Sommelier Company, or go with Open Door Tea for a calmer, chill vibe.

Take this time to celebrate you and your team!

Regardless of how you set up your holiday celebrations, this is a time to reflect on another year of hard work with your incredible team. This past year has been one of growth and change, especially in the way we interact with one another, and we’re all looking forward to the new opportunities just around the corner. Here at CSS ProSearch, we understand the importance of having a solid group of employees, and we work with you to find the perfect candidates for your business needs and goals. Check out our blog for more ideas on how best to build and celebrate your team of winners or reach out and see how we can help you find them.

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