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The Best of the Best

I never have any complaints about CSS. Always thorough, honest, timely and just THE BEST. Thank you for always putting your best foot forward.

Lizandra L.
CSS ProSearch Client

Outstanding service!

My experience with CSS ProSearch was overwhelmingly positive. Abby was extremely attentive and expedient in connecting me to my new perspective employer and was available whenever I needed her. I could not be happier with my experience!

Erik O.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

Thanks, Abby!

Abby from ProSearch was absolutely fantastic to partner with throughout the entire process. I felt like I had a true advocate, and can’t thank her enough for helping me land this wonderful opportunity!

Matthew H.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

Thanks for my dream job!

If Erik from ProSearch hadn’t reached out to me on LinkedIn, I wouldn’t have my dream job right now. His ability to effectively communicate, timely responses, and genuine support ultimately lead me to an amazing opportunity!

CSS ProSearch Candidate

Fantastic, from beginning to end.

I felt completely supported by Ashley and Erik while they helped me land a new job. Throughout the entire process, they were there at every step to provide the assistance I needed.

Ben D.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

Follow Up

Thanks for the help. The client company I was placed at by CSSProSearch is a great place to be.

Matt I.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

CSS-awesome experience

Erik is great. True professional. Seamless hiring experience. Erik provides his clients with valuable insights to put them in the best possible place to prepare for interviews.

Luke S.
CSS ProSearch Client

I’m happy again!

I get hit up all the time on LinkedIn for job opportunities and have never responded to a single one in over 20+ years in my IT sector of virtualization. They seemed like they were all canned emails with recruiters just fishing the pond. When I moved on from my previous employer, I was doing the normal job searching and received a LinkedIn message from Brian Bogle. His email showed that he actually took the time to look at my past experience and marry me up with a company he thought that I would fit into. That meant a lot to me and I inquired for more information. Brain walked me through the entire employment process. Since then, I’ve been happily employed with the perfect company where I wake up every day looking forward to going to work. I can’t thank Brian enough for all his efforts.

Rob F.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

Great experience

Brian was super professional and on the ball. What a wonderful experience!

Lisa L.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

CSS – Best Partner Ever!

We’ve used CSS ProSearch for 10 years! They’ve assisted us with all levels of recruiting and have been the best partner ever. They get to know the hiring managers, our business and work so hard on every opening. Abby Prince has been our lead contact and she’s phenomenal to work with! I’d highly recommend CSS!

CSS ProSearch Client

Awesome Team

Having been in HR for 25 years I worked with several recruiters. Abby P. and CSS ProSearch team function like a great band in perfect harmony. Abby was ALWAYS available and with a three hour time difference that means some late nights. The service raises the bar for all recruiters.

CSS ProSearch Client

Effective Execution and Follow Through

Stephanie S. and her team were always able to follow through on both!

CSS ProSearch Client

Fabulous to work with!

Abby and her team offer a service that makes me feel like she genuinely wants the best fit for me in a new hire. She is responsive and is a great listener.

CSS ProSearch Client

Grateful that Erik was super

Grateful that Erik was super helpful and really nice! He paired me with the perfect company and I am so thankful!

Nia S.

Thank you CSS!

I was contacted by Abby Price from CSS ProSearch in June of 2018. I was looking for a new opportunity after moving across country and having very little connections in the area. She was super helpful and receptive along the whole interview process. She understood the needs of the position and my needs as a potential interviewee and I cannot be more happy about my experience with her.

CSS ProSearch Candidate

Outstanding company and individuals

Very happy with my experience with CSS ProSearch. Brian and his team were amazing to work with. Very responsive and there for me. Much different experience than I expected from a recruiting team. If you think negative about this idea, think again!!! Service beyond expectations!!!

Nick C.
CSS ProSearch Candidate

Dream Job

Simply put, CSS ProSearch made it happen. Huge upgrade from the job I had to the job I now have. Seamless interviews and great negotiation of salary insight. I’ll reach out again if I ever want to move.

CSS ProSearch Candidate

I want to make it known what…

I want to make it known what terrific service we have received from Stephanie. She has been extremely responsive and supportive of our West Coast hours; the fact that she operates three hours ahead of our time zone has not once been a factor. She has provided excellent candidates for our openings; and her diligence and follow-through are superb. Further, I have observed that Stephanie sets a very high standard for professional behavior and ethics; she is trustworthy, and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone seeking a good recruitment partner. Just wanted to say “thanks”, from a happy customer.

CSS ProSearch Client

Very responsive!

I couldn’t be more thankful for Colleen finding me… Being persistent with me for a response to help land me an awesome career. I love where I am!

CSS ProSearch Candidate


Colleen nailed it!

CSS ProSearch Candidate

Very professional!

Colleen was extremely professional and helpful ! She was able to set me up for an interview with a great company. I am currently enjoying my new position, which I would not have without her help.

CSS ProSearch Candidate

Love my new company!

I am so thankful for CSS ProSearch for reaching out and supporting me through the hiring process. I love my new company ! My previous experience working with a recruiter really put me off to working with any in the future, but CSS ProSearch really ensures you have the best experience possible. Thank you to everyone on the team!

CSS ProSearch Candidate


I appreciate your persistence with contacting me, I almost passed this opportunity by. I am so excited. This is going to help me grow in my career and as a person. You don’t know how much I appreciate you!!

CSS ProSearch Candidate

Great Job!

Over the past several years I have a very positive experience working with CSS ProSearch, specifically Abby Prince and Brian. My first experience with Abby and CSS was when I worked at one of their clients. I had the job of building a sales team and was working with several search firms. After a few months it became obvious to me that CSS and Abby were heads above the others, and started working exclusively with Abby. Since I started working at my current company, with CSS’s help I have hired 5 Sales people, and 4 SC’s. All quality hires. In addition, because I felt so confident about working with Abby and Brian, I recommended them to others in my organization. One of my colleagues hired 3 ADRs and another hired an Alliance manager. Again all great additions to our team. My confidence and satisfaction with CSS, Abby and Brian stems from their providing me with quality candidates, understanding my requirements and the type of person I am interested in hiring, their responsiveness to me, and the overall support they have provided me. I personally enjoy working with them and will always recommend them to others who are looking for a top notch, quality placement firm. It has been my pleasure working with Abby, Brian and CSS.

CSS ProSearch Client

Great Experience!

I had a great experience working with you and your team! Things are going great here at my new role!  Thanks again for making this opportunity happen!

CSS ProSearch Candidate