4 Marketing Predictions for 2023

Maintaining industry relevance through bear markets like these hinges on marketing teams. For these marketing teams to succeed, they need to adjust to new tools, customer demands, and a competitive playing field while maintaining agility. Updating processes with automation and targeting content are a few of the keys to success for marketers in 2023. The marketing and sales staffing experts at CSS ProSearch have provided a full synopsis of the mandatory marketing mix of 2023 below.   

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On the shoulders of marketing  

Your company is only as good as its people, and the same could be said about its reputation. Economic downturns and declining business activity leave organizations without a story to tell the world from a sales perspective which makes effective marketing vital. Telling a compelling story to the right audience takes tremendous effort, and for marketing teams to deliver, they need to understand the shifts in demand and outreach.  

To achieve marketing nirvana, hiring managers first need to build out a team of marketers capable of producing and strategizing content and campaigns using the modern technology at their disposal,” says Stephanie Staiano, CSS ProSearch Sales Director. 

The mistake of hiring incompetent marketers is a death sentence to an organization’s reputation, so managers should take the utmost care to partner with an agency specializing in marketing staffingMaintaining industry relevance is essential to navigating stormy conditions until the next economic uptick, so here are four marketing trends for marketers to monitor and implement in 2023.  


1. Employing AI and automation 

Artificial intelligence and automation will be marketing teams’ best friends in 2023. A rise in content demand combined with the need for advanced analytics makes adopting these tools necessary. Gartner predicts that by 2025, organizations using AI across marketing will shift 75 percent of operations from production to strategy and data analysis. Get comfortable with analytics visuals and content spike/lull interpretation to deliver the most effective campaigns.  


2. Proving authenticity and policing ethics  

The dark side of AI is the unethical and potentially illegal content and data practices it’s used for. Marketing teams need optics into their company’s proprietary data usage to ensure security. Manipulation and bias prevalent in AI present other challenges for marketers who need to inclusively target specific swaths of customers. Create policies and protocols for data usage within your marketing team to publish content as ethically as possible in 2023. 


3. Curating the customer content journey  

Never has it been easier for B2B marketers to position targeted clients in their crosshairs, yet some teams still don’t take every measure to do so. Marketing teams in 2023 need to leverage valuable consumer data to one, find their target mix of demographics and psychographics, and two, need to take extra time to cater messaging to their targets.  

Understanding a buyer’s journey will reveal which content works when, and should be strictly adhered to for consistent customer attention and retention. The best part about creating this process is it’s replicated with much less effort for just as much output.  


4. Offer self-service 

An area ready for revolution and buyer journey testing is customer self-service, the automated journey a customer can take from content through to purchase. This is a great opportunity for marketing and dev teams to cross over and couple UX website and application journey with text, audio, and visually interactive content. This is especially important for younger customers, 81 percent of whom according to DT Force, prefer additional self-service buyer journey alternatives.  


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