CSS ProSearch Has Been Awarded Best Sales Executive Recruitment Firm 2022 in New Jersey by Corporate Vision

  ProSearch’s exceptional sales recruitment team takes gold at the seventh annual Corporate Vision Small Business Awards  Moorestown, New Jersey – We are proud to announce that Contemporary Staffing Solution’s ProSearch business unit has been named Best Sales Executive Recruitment Firm in New Jersey for 2022 by Corporate Vision Magazine. A select panel of judges… Read More »

How KPIs Focus your Business

An organization is rudderless without thoughtful KPI implementation. Understanding and leveraging a KPI’s value makes the difference between excelling and underperforming quarter to quarter.   How KPIs drive, structure, and inform our sales teams     Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are integral benchmarks planned out and executed with diligent collaboration from teams across your organization.… Read More »

9 Essential Tips for First-Time Managers

The transition from core contributor to manager and talent coach isn’t an easy road, so here are nine absolutely essential tips for navigating the ins and outs of management.   CSS ProSearch proudly offers an audio version of this article for alternative consumption. It is imperative for us to cater to all readers with multiple means of… Read More »

Supercharge your Prospect Cycle with Holistic Revenue Marketing

Traditionally isolated marketing, sales, and IT teams are being galvanized by the collaborative customer pipeline methodology of revenue marketing  Why traditional marketing standards are no longer suitable   “Marketing and sales teams have always “coexisted,” which is to say they’ve both operated as separate teams in the same company without much crossover. Generally, marketing would have… Read More »

How to Build a Successful Marketing Team of the Future 

Marketing units in 2022 and beyond take on an agile workflow with shared responsibilities that accelerates efficiency.   CSS ProSearch proudly offers an audio version of this article for alternative consumption. It is imperative for us to cater to all readers with multiple means of information processing. Fierce market competition stokes enormous outreach opportunity  “Marketing teams today… Read More »

How to Bridge Generational Gaps in the Workspace

As we continue to make headway in this new decade and welcome recent graduates and new colleagues to our organizations, our work culture is in a constant change of evolution. Whether these changes come from global events, cultural shifts, or simply the fact there can be a mix of four generations in one work environment,… Read More »

Consulting Trends to Watch in 2022

Nowadays it can feel like industries are constantly evolving, with trends and patterns coming and going before we get a chance to learn and adapt our organizations to the new normal. At a time where knowledge is shareable at the click of a button, it’s become not just a strategy but a responsibility to keep… Read More »

The Benefits of Hobbies

The science of hobbies is both fascinating and surprisingly predictable: they’re beneficial because they make you happy. On a molecular level, taking up an enjoyable pastime releases neurotransmitters (the messengers of brain chemicals) like dopamine, which catalyzes pleasure. “Doing an activity that causes the release of dopamine is like pressing a “Feel Good” button in… Read More »

10 Self-Made Female CEOs to Look Up To

When you close your eyes and think the word, “CEO,” who comes to mind? Think of another. And another. If you thought of the typical model of CEO that we often see on magazine covers and documentaries, don’t worry! As we continue to challenge the centuries-old traditions that perpetuated male-dominated conference and board rooms, women… Read More »

Top Leadership Podcasts To Keep You Inspired

Podcasts have quickly become a staple media in everyday life, with approximately 57% of Americans over the age of twelve listening to at least one podcast, a 23% increase from the number in 2010. With this increase of listeners, leaders and content makers are scrambling to Apple Music and Spotify to get into the podcast… Read More »