How to Build a Successful Marketing Team of the Future 

Marketing units in 2022 and beyond take on an agile workflow with shared responsibilities that accelerates efficiency.  

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Fierce market competition stokes enormous outreach opportunity 

“Marketing teams today have sharper tools and deeper market access than ever before. With this opportunity comes the costs of ferocious competition for market share and target audience attention at astronomical project costs compared to even just five years ago.” Says Abby Prince, ProSearch Director.

To navigate the seas of competition and successfully reach target audiences with personalized messaging, the fortuitous marketing teams of 2022 forward need to adjust internal and external campaign execution. Getting front and center to your audience isn’t easy, but there are maps and guidelines proven to lead your marketing team into the future at the helm of your industry.  

Redefine your marketing goals by matching purpose with customer  

The ever-deeper toolbox marketers have at their disposal from diversified advertisement placing to customer profile click and engagement analytics should position said customer as the central goal. Instead of chasing arbitrary KPIs like the number of posts, email blasts, and leads passed to sales, identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) and build around that. If you’re targeting a professional B2B audience, target outlets like LinkedIn and Twitter with manager-centric content and core value case studies.   

Measure your marketing team’s success through customer engagement off targeted outreach; this will align your marketing team more closely with sales and show a clearer ROI off your campaigns.  

Promote frequent team member role crossover   

A de-siloing of information from internal data to process and pipeline updates is taking the workplace by storm, and you should continue this theme when building a marketing team of the future. Don’t subjugate your team members to a single function with strict roles and responsibilities. Instead, weave together a team of specialists and generalists alike who iterate the same projects in an agile environment. This flexible checks and balances model gets more eyes on more content in a shorter amount of time that fits an even tighter campaign schedule in the modern marketing age. 

Although work crossover is ideal, there should be some boundaries that are flexible but form team structure. While someone doesn’t need to be a “copywriter” who only works on email campaigns, for example, they could be known as a “creative” on the team with a specialization in text. Sometimes they may help with some light audio or video post-editing and sometimes they may contribute to strategy, but their niche is textual marketing.     

Determine your industry standing through competitive analysis 

More marketing competition means teams have slimmer margins for error when vying for the eyes of a client with much more visibility to competitive offers than ever before. Use a data analytics company, or your internal data analytics team if you are lucky, to understand which ads, blogs, and social media campaigns of competitors catch the most traction. With a proven competitor blueprint in hand, tweak your systems and campaigns until you go above and beyond your client outreach goals.  

Define your processes  

First and foremost, build a workflow to create a publication calendar and outreach methods that match your ICP. Continuing the de-siloization trend, establish complete transparency through your work process. A recent HubSpot study showed that 73% of customers are willing to spend more with a brand that has complete transparency online. 

Ensure every member of your marketing team as well as relevant outside stakeholders have full visibility and clarity on client touchpoints and outreach success. Remain consistent in your publication pace and tone set to your targeted client. While great marketing always grows from the best quality content, it goes nowhere without a defined publication schedule to constantly attract your client’s eyes.  

Invest in upskilling  

The sum of knowledge and tool availability multiplies on a yearly basis, so it’s imperative you invest in upskilling your marketing team. Whether it’s a new data analytics tool like Suzy or the sudden and complete takeover of TikTok, your team needs to be fully capable of everything available to take your campaign to the next level.  

Upskilling also has a passive benefit; a recent LinkedIn learning study showed a whopping 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if their company actively invested in learning and development. Build your team’s skillsets and retain quality employees at the same time with L&D and upskilling.

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