How To Pick a Sales Methodology That’s Right For Your Team

Applying a sales methodology for your organization has a number of benefits. First, it allows you to forecast more accurately and generate a more predictable revenue stream. By using standardized processes, it also helps to align all of the business units that impact sales, as well. It can provide a framework for the marketing team to generate assets for each step of the sales cycle, it helps account managers with client retention and upselling, it improves training and it helps create a consistent and sales-supportive organization.

“Know your business, know your customers and their experiences. There are so many options available, find the one that matches best with your long-term growth strategy.” Says Stephanie Staiano, Sales Director, CSS ProSearch.

“Define a methodology that supports either a long-term relationship or a transactional sale.  You may look internally and see two different sales teams that need a custom plan.” Says Abby Prince, Managing Director, CSS ProSearch.

There are many methodologies to choose from – each has its own strengths and some are more beneficial to certain products and services than others. The fact is, the methodology that is right for your team will be unique to your business. Here are strategies you can use to choose the one that will be best for your team.

How Does the Methodology Move Reps And Buyers Through The Sales Journey?

When choosing any methodology, you must have a keen understanding of how your buyers move through the pipeline. Do they come to the table knowing they have a problem that needs to be solved? How much education will they need? Is the rep a consultant or a teacher? Then, ask questions like these of the methodologies you are considering:

  • What drives potential buyers to your type of product or service?
  • How does the methodology support a rep’s ability to prove value?
  • What type of rep-customer relationship does the methodology facilitate (partnership, consultant, educator, transactor, etc.?
  • How does the methodology help reps set expectations for the prospect/buyer?
  • Does the methodology help address areas of the pipeline where buyers typically get stuck?

The right methodology should complement your existing process, address existing challenges and should help great a road-map for reps to move prospects through the buyer’s journey effectively.

How Does The Methodology Facilitate Forecasting and Data Reporting?

The entire company lives and dies by the numbers generated by the sales team. Forecasts must be accurate and revenue must be in line every quarter. The wrong data can lead to budgeting problems, under-performance and other critical issues.

Any methodology you choose should help generate more accurate forecasts and reporting. Reps should be comfortable with the processes you put in place and leadership should reinforce the methodology in all one-on-ones with reps, team meetings and business reviews.

Will The Methodology Facilitate Growth?

Let’s face it – you’re not in business to remain stagnant. Every company wants to grow, and in the case of startups, the goal is to scale as quickly and manageably as possible. When considering different sales methodologies, this factor must be weighed heavily.

This means looking beyond just the sales team. Product teams, marketers, account managers should be prepared to create and leverage tools that are aligned with the methodology. Everyone should be able to understand your sales approach so that product development and marketing efforts support those processes – and vice versa. If sales are too quickly or too slowly for the rest of the organization, it will stymie long-term sustained growth.

Which Methodology is Right For Your Company?

The “right” methodology is out there, you just have to do some pre-planning and evaluation to choose the one that is best for your clients, that suits your products and services and is aligned with the problems you ultimately solve. No matter which methodology you use, it takes talented salespeople to execute it and close deals. If you are looking for high-performing salespeople,  contact the expert sales recruiters at CSS ProSearch today.

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