A Look Into the Most Effective Sales Methodologies

Does your organization have a sales model? Does each rep freestyle, using the methodology that is most comfortable and effective for them? There is no singular approach that is best for every company, but the most effective sales teams use one process that best fits the products and services they sell. Here are some of the most effective sales methodologies in use today:

Target Selling

One of the most popular B2B sales methods, target selling is ideal for enterprise sales as it zeroes in on your ideal clients rather than taking a spray-and-pray approach. Target selling is all about building real relationships with a client to understand their immediate, short-term and long-term needs. Reps deliver consistent high value and provide consultative messaging throughout the sales cycle. Effective target selling requires good alignment and strong working relationships with marketing and customer success teams.

Solution Selling

Rather than focusing on products, solution selling is about problem solving. Reps customize products or services based on the specific needs of each prospect to help them solve ongoing problems in their organization. Effective solution selling requires reps to zero in on a prospect’s biggest pain points, and then address those throughout the process. That process is focused on the prospect’s organization – not the features and benefits of the product – to show how buying will deliver the desired outcome and solve business problems.

Inbound Selling

This methodology is becoming more popular thanks to digital marketing. Customers are spending more time researching potential solutions to their problems online, and inbound prospects are those who contact a sales team, rather than receive a cold, outbound contact from a rep. These prospects have typically visited the website, read about the product/service they are interested in, filled out a form, completed a live chat or made an initial phone inquiry to receive more information. Since the leads are warm, reps can spend a lot of time in the exploratory phase, diving deeper into a prospect’s challenges to deliver the correct solution.

Sandler Selling

Sandler Selling is one of the oldest sales methodologies and focuses on customer buying behaviors. The goal is to help the buyer feel they are in control of the process, so they do not feel pushed into a sale. It follows the traditional process of building rapport, qualifying a prospect, uncovering pain points, presenting a solution and closing the deal.

Challenger Selling

A rather new methodology, challenger selling focuses on educating prospects and in many ways, is the opposite of Sandler Selling. Challenger salespeople spend time educating potential clients about larger business problems and they assert new ideas and insights related to those problems, tailoring their communication style to the preferences and personalities of their prospects. Then, they take control of the sale. Rather than letting the customer take control and focusing on being liked by the client, challengers are willing to push back, with laser-focus on closing the deal with the best solution for the prospect.

Which Methodology is Right for Your Company?

The “right” answer depends on what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, the complexity of your products or services and the problems you solve. Regardless of the methodology you feel is best, it takes talented salespeople to execute it and close deals. If you are looking for high-performing salespeople,  contact the expert sales recruiters at CSS ProSearch today.

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