Top Trends Fueling The Growth of the Tech Sector

The tech industry is always in a state of evolution, so it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of trends that are driving growth and change in specific niches. Here are some of the most important trends that are spawning the growth of the tech sector this year.

“Top candidates are interested in joining companies that are offering cutting edge products, offering a different tool than everyone else in the market. In many instances, they will consider a lower compensation package, if it means they have an opportunity to be part of an organization with a disruptive technology.”  Says Stephanie Staino, National Sales Manager, CSS ProSearch.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI isn’t new, but it is finally taking off and democratizing itself. As the technology becomes more affordable and accessible by the month, we are now seeing AI in every industry from customer service to political campaigns.

Autonomous Devices

Robots, autonomous vehicles and drones are rapidly advancing, and that technology is expanding into a broader category Gartner is calling “Autonomous Things.” Autonomous Things references the use of AI to automate functions previously performed by people and creating advanced behaviors in technology that allows devices to act more naturally with users.


Blockchain is no longer exclusive to the cryptocurrency market. It is now rapidly taking off in banking, insurance, legal applications, medicine and more. It will also be a huge factor in helping decentralized organizations that work with intelligent contracts.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics combines big data and AI to transform data analytics using machine learning. HR, finance, sales, marketing, customer support and more can optimize decisions and transform the sharing and consumption of data through deep analytics.

Digital Twins

A digital twin is IoT terminology used to reference a virtual replica of a real-world system or entity. The digital twin contains one or more sensors that collect data to represent real-time information about the physical asset. This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by using simulations.

Immersive Experiences in Smart Spaces

Chatbots, voice assistants, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are changing the way we interact with the digital world. Leveraged in combination, it is now possible to create deeply immersive experiences where people interact with technology.


We’ve been hearing about 5G networks for a while, but the groundwork is finally being laid for speeds that can reach 10 gigs per second. Data indicates that by 2024, 5G mobile network technology will have reached more than 40 percent of the global population, with close to 1.5 billion users.

Digital Ethics and Privacy

This has been a hot topic for some time but the subject gains more attention nearly every day. People are increasingly concerned about their digital privacy and the way their data is used by companies and even the government. Companies are finally starting to address these concerns head-on, and winning organizations will be those that proactively address these concerns rather than waiting for a negative incident to hit the news.

Is Your Tech Business Expanding In These Hot Markets?

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