CSS ProSearch Launches New Website and New Social Media

CSS ProSearch Launches New Website and New Social Media, Separating from Parent Company, Contemporary Staffing Solutions

2019 has been a year of tremendous success for CSS ProSearch, originally a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions (CSS). Client and candidate testimonials have reinforced the strategic need to brand this Search Team separately from the Staffing Team at CSS companywide.

Since 1994, CSS ProSearch has operated as a separate business unit from CSS, yet the two were unified with one website. CSS ProSearch utilizes a different business model than most units of CSS, as they recruit only passive candidates and focus on strictly direct-hire, highly compensated Sales positions. Bringing this clarity to the marketplace will allow ProSearch to scale to a new level of success and bring greater results to their clients who are looking to accelerate the growth of their companies.

“Search and staffing are separate and distinct – search is targeting the passive candidate who has a proven track record who does not post their resume or apply for new opportunities. Search is focused on spending all of their time working with candidates that match their clients’ ideal profiles. There is no pipeline, no job posting, and all candidates are employed full time,” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of CSS, who regularly collaborates with the ProSearch team.

As of August, 12, 2019, ProSearch has emerged from under the CSS umbrella and will be operating under their own website and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). The primary goal is to continue to niche and focus on what they do best: find proven sales talent in the technology, healthcare, and consulting space.

“We have been able to grow organically over the past 20 years because of the reputation and relationships that we have built, which is why 90% of all our business comes from repeat customers.  Our new website will not only strengthen our brand with our existing clients, but also offer a stronger introduction of CSS ProSearch to new customers,” says Stephanie Staiano, Sales Director, CSS ProSearch.

Marybel Discala, the Marketing Project Manager of CSS, partnered with ProSearch on their branding and drove the creation of their new website. Abby Prince, Managing Director of ProSearch, and Stephanie Staiano, National Sales Manager for ProSearch, were active participants during this process, enabling them to ensure the accuracy of the messaging and bring to life the experience they want for their clients and candidates.

“The new website will allow the ProSearch audience to go beyond the surface level of the team, build meaningful relationships, and access custom-made resources including case studies, testimonials, interview guides, and blogs,” says Abby Prince, Managing Director, CSS ProSearch.

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About CSS ProSearch:

CSS ProSearch focuses on boosting clients’ organizational performance, sales effectiveness, and growth by transforming the culture of our clients from the one they have to the one they want. They do this through identifying professional sales candidates with the right motivations, core competencies, proven leadership skills, and cultural fit to achieve an organization’s strategic goals. If you hire your next President Club winners and encourage peer-to-peer example setting of forecasting and closing new business, then the bar for performance will raise itself. CSS ProSearch contributes to building diverse teams, creating an inclusive culture, promoting creativity, increasing employee engagement, and not only attracting, but retaining, the right talent.

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