The pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, diagnostics and healthcare IT industries are under immense pressure in the market today. Competition is fierce, regulation is stringent and when it comes to sales and marketing, time is literally money.

It takes transformational sales and marketing talent to ensure success and maintain growth under demanding market conditions. Unfortunately, finding experienced, knowledgeable, and successful sales and marketing professionals has never been more difficult.

In a tight market that is only getting more competitive, growing companies need every advantage available to them. CSS ProSearch healthcare sales and marketing recruiters provide those advantages.

The CSS ProSearch Advantage

With over 50 years of combined experience in sales and marketing recruiting, the CSS ProSearch team understands the behaviors and traits that enhance sales and marketing teams. We separate the ordinary talent from the extraordinary, only submitting those candidates who meet and exceed your expectations.

We are a healthcare sales and marketing recruiting firm that focuses on boosting organizational performance, increasing sales effectiveness, and accelerating growth. We help growing organizations build world-class teams by identifying professional sales and marketing candidates with the right motivations, core competencies, proven leadership skills, and cultural fit to achieve your organization’s strategic goals.

Our 98% candidate retention rate among the healthcare sales and marketing jobs we fill speaks for itself in an industry rife with turnover. If you are ready to raise the bar and catapult your organization to the top, partner with CSS ProSearch today.

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Industries We Serve


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Professionals We Place

  • Primary Care/Specialty Sales Representative
  • Territory Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Account Executive – Payer/Provider
  • Account Executive – Life Sciences
  • Clinical/Product Specialist
  • Sales Director
  • VP of Sales