Global Digital Education SaaS Organization

The Need

A growing series D pre-IPO SaaS organization in the education sector with accelerated hiring needed a robust sales team buildout. This company required talent supplementation up and down its org. chart from base-level sales operations up to senior enterprise account executives.

With limited recruiting and onboarding bandwidth, this company connected with CSS ProSearch to alleviate these stringent hiring needs. In some cases, Big-Four CPA and other niche experience were required which intensified an already complex search process. Scaling up a valuable SaaS company at the required exponential rate needed for sustainable growth was imperative to this company, and they had no room for error.

Keys to Success

This company required an acute degree of specialization and attention concerning perfect target profiles, company culture fits, and candidate retention through the hiring process. CSS ProSearch compiled an elite pool of candidates in a short window of time. Almost more importantly, CSS ProSearch kept candidates engaged and excited through the process. Such a frenzied hiring market presents skilled candidates with troves of opportunities, and CSS ProSearch prioritized active candidate engagement all the way through signed offers.

Even before the screening process, it was CSS ProSearch’s appealing outreach method that hooked top talent. This company noted that CSS’s outreach succeeded in the same way when they were approached with CSS’s talent supplementation offer.

The Solution and Final Results

CSS ProSearch’s recruitment success in expanding the client’s sales team in all facets has led to a continuous, prosperous seven-year partnership with new projects and requisitions being filled by CSS daily. CSS ProSearch’s commitment to excellence and efficiency from sourcing through onboarding and even post-hire talent check-ins continue to enhance this client’s rapid growth.

In their own words

“I have personally partnered with CSS ProSearch for seven years now across two rapidly scaling SaaS sales organizations, one pre-IPO, and one immediately post. This team has quickly become my go-to partner for a variety of reasons. My time is extremely limited, and every hour spent has to be productive. CSS ProSearch has established and maintained their reputation for quickly learning exactly what we are targeting for profile, culture adds, and skill set, pivoting quickly when needs change, and only presenting highly qualified and prescreened candidates.

I have consistently received excellent candidates and a strong pipeline to choose from regardless of the type of role we’re partnering on. Abby and her team get to know my company’s story, our people, our culture, our compensation plan, etc., and do an excellent job of getting candidates excited about our opportunities.”

– Global Recruiting Lead