The Need

CSS approached a Sales Manager at a privately held ERP/PSA Cloud Company. This individual had recently gotten promoted and was in need of filling 3 positions on their Mid-Market Sales team. In addition, this company was preparing for a significant ramp up and would soon be one of the most well-known companies sitting on the platform.

Candidates could range from those with direct ERP/PSA/HCM software experience, to a top performing b2b background. Regardless of their resume, a non-negotiable was that these candidates had to be hungry with proven top performance- meaning proof of income via W2s had to be provided.

This company had a few ongoing recruiter relationships, but realized their anticipated trajectory would require a larger candidate pipeline, so they brought CSS onboard to assist.

Key to Success

The toughest obstacle this company was aiming to overcome, was the high % of candidates dropping out during the interview process. This was due primarily, to the fact that candidates felt uncomfortable providing W2 information prior to receiving an offer. Previous firms had not been successful in candidate communication and managing expectations when it came to obtaining this information. Once CSS came onboard, we had an 85% success rate in securing candidate commitment for providing these documents prior to the offer stage.  This led to continued success and client satisfaction- as more candidates were accepting offers vs falling off during the interview stage.

The Solution

After filling all 3 Mid-Market positions, CSS was then introduced to the Head of Talent Acquisition along with 4 other Mid-Market Sales Managers and 3 Enterprise Sales Managers. Over the next 12 months, we filled 10 headcounts on the Mid-Market Sales Team and 6 on the Enterprise Team.

Fast forward another 12 months, CSS has filled 26 sales positions with this organization.  Over 50% of these hires have performed within the top 5% of the salesforce and achieved President’s Club. We are the recommended recruiter for the Head of Talent Acquisition, as well as the recruiter of choice for the majority of the Sales Managers.

Over the past 3 years, this organization has ballooned from 250 employees, to over 600. The Direct Sales Team is roughly 80 individuals, and CSS has directly recruited 30% of them.

In addition, another Sales Manager who recently left this company has requested that CSS support the growth at his new organization – we are the only firm he is interested in continuing to partner with.

In Their Own Words

CSS ProSearch sends over every detail I need to know about the candidates they are submitting. Since working with CSS we have adopted the same template format for our own internal candidates! They are the best agency on our vendor list of at least 15 approved vendors. They have made such difference to how we have been able to scale over the last 6+ years!”

– Director of Talent Acquisition, ERP/PSA Cloud Company