CSS ProSearch Spotlight with Brian Bogle, Recruiting Director

Celebrated as the Team MVP on multiple occasions and a frequent honoree at the prestigious President’s Club, Brian Bogle’s success story is a testament to his dedication and passion. Over the past decade, Brian has not only excelled in his role but also become a cornerstone of the company’s culture and success.

Connect with Brian directly or reach out to our team of Sales and Marketing search experts at CSS ProSearch.

Let’s get into the interview with Brian!


What has been your biggest win at CSS ProSearch so far?

Winning Team MVP voted on company wide multiple years ago. Also President’s Club several times is a very cool and fun honor.


What made you want to join the CSS ProSearch team?

The ProSearch Managing Director, Abby Prince, came highly recommended and has a great reputation in the industry. After I met her and other team members, I know this would be a great fit. Fast forward almost 10 years later I still love what I do.


What culturally stands out about CSS ProSearch that breeds success?

We just have a fun and outgoing team. Everyone works really well together. Collaborative is a word that I would say highly defines how we operate in ProSearch.


What has been your favorite experience at CSS ProSearch thus far?

Going to President’s Clubs are always a ton of fun. Getting to socialize with your peers in a setting like that is awesome.


What’s a quote to live by and why does it matter to you?

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” My grandfather wrote a book titled that. He was all about PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. I try to stand by that ever day.


What’s your TV show right now?

My guilty pleasure is The Challenge on MTV. I have watched it since it was Real World versus Road Rules and it has evolved a lot but still watch it to this day.


What’s something unique about you that we may not know?

I play pickleball way more than I probably should. I love it and have gotten pretty good at it. I play in a league as well currently.


Connect with Brian directly or reach out to our team of Sales and Marketing search experts at CSS ProSearch.

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