ProSearch Case Study: Woman’s Health Precision Diagnostics Organization

The Need  

A molecular diagnostics client specializing in genetic testing around women’s health was gunning for series C funding. With only one manager overseeing the sales activity of ten sales representatives, this client desperately needed to hire more sales talent and managerial expertise to oversee a holistic upscale of their diagnostic testing services. To further complicate their hiring, this client had a very niche set of specifications for candidates centered around having biotech-specific sales talent native to only a few competitors.  

Keys To Success  

In their first fiscal quarter of 2021, this client connected with the CSS ProSearch team to assist with the buildout of their sales representative and management team. ProSearch’s expertise in staffing for the healthcare vertical fulfilled the initial step of candidate identification. Furthermore, ProSearch Sales Director Stephanie Staiano had long-established relationships with direct competitors and was equipped with candidates who had that necessary niche competitor experience.   

CSS ProSearch’s laser-focused recruitment approach from detailed client discovery and screening through offer and acceptance allowed them to add 19 total new employees comprised of sales representatives, sales managers, and client service representatives in 2021 alone.  

Solution and Final Results  

Following ProSearch’s initial phase of hiring in early 2021, this client was able to close on series C funding with some premier global investors. ProSearch has added another 13 salespeople to the client’s sales operations in 2022 totaling 32 full-time executive employees added in under two years. Even more so, these resources brought in through ProSearch were able to recommend another 20 to 25 employees as referrals, effectively making ProSearch responsible for 75% of the client’s sales hiring from ten to 80 employees over the past two years. The client explored bringing their recruitment operations in-house during Q3 of 2022 but quickly re-signed with ProSearch to continue handling their talent needs. This rekindled relationship came upon requests from upper management to bring Stephanie back in thanks to her expert market knowledge and her ProSearch team’s finely tuned recruiting strategy. 

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