Top Leadership Podcasts To Keep You Inspired

Podcasts have quickly become a staple media in everyday life, with approximately 57% of Americans over the age of twelve listening to at least one podcast, a 23% increase from the number in 2010. With this increase of listeners, leaders and content makers are scrambling to Apple Music and Spotify to get into the podcast market, which houses an infinite range of genres, from Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying to murder mysteries to the treasure trove of leadership and career-focused podcasts.

“The issue with finding the best leadership podcast to get you motivated and help you work through personal and career-based woes is the same problem you face when standing in the grocery store aisle in front of what looks like thousands of cereal boxes – which one is the healthiest, the tastiest, the best for you?” Says Abby Prince, ProSearch Director

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re trying to fill the silence during a quiet heads-down work session or looking to find a productive way to spend your commute, podcasts are a wonderful tool for learning and exploring new topics while keeping your hands free and your mind engaged. Here are our favorite leadership podcasts to get you motivated and ready to take on – well, whatever it is that’s blocking your way!

Professional Troublemaker with Luvvi Ajayi Jones

Based on her book, Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual, New York Times best-selling author Luvvi Ajay Jones’ podcast centers around conversations with world movers and agents of change. Focusing on creating an authentic and purposeful life and how to cause disruption with audacity and intention, Jones steps up to the challenge of how to create big change in a world that is often set against it, featuring speakers such as Glennon Doyle, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Stephanie L. Young, among others. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to propel your career or creative project forward or if you’re looking for outlets for creating social and political change, this is an engaging and thought-provoking podcast with a wide breadth of different stories and discussions.

Wisetalk with Susan Bethanis

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Hosted by Susan Bethanis, the founder and CEO of Mariposa Leadership, a leading business management consultancy that has helped organizations such as PayPal, HP, and Pinterest achieve their goals since 1996, this podcast features a holistic discussion of leadership and success. As both employees and employers are becoming more cognizant about the nuances of work culture and rest, Wisetalk aims to address and demystify these in-betweens and inspire listeners to find deeper insight into their work and personal goals, as well as the methodologies and habits that will get them there.

Leadership Biz Café with Tanveer Naseer

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Tanveer Naseer is an acclaimed keynote and TEDx speaker and the founder/CEO of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a corporate training and consulting firm that helps C-suite leaders hone and develop practical leadership and teambuilding skills. He continues this work in his podcast, where he hosts thought and action leaders from different fields and industries to explore the myriad complexities that leaders face in today’s workspaces, from fostering emotional connections with teams to addressing diversity to the importance of knowing when to move on from projects.

A Bit of Optimism with Simon Sinek

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Known for his groundbreaking talks on work culture and millennial existential woes, Simon Sinek leaves no stone unturned in this podcast, where he explores what gives and what makes hope. From topics like vulnerability to presidential history to setting boundaries to the value of failing, Sinek and his guests dive deep and provide raw, honest insights into the human condition and how we can foster more valuable and meaningful connections with one another.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

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One of the many thought-provoking and inspiring offerings by NPR, this podcast follows Guy Raz as he moves through different industries and asks their leaders and founders how they started their organizations. Hosting a range of speakers and topics, from the sustainable fashion designer Eileen Fisher to Whole Foods founder John Mackey to Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia, and deep-diving into where they started and how they got to the present, this podcast provides listeners special insight into the intricacies of starting and leading successful businesses and shaking up an industry.

Dare to Lead with Brené Brown


Based on the bestselling book that led her to be a household name in the world of career and personal growth, Brené Brown’s new podcast continues the conversation as “a mix of solo episodes and conversations with change-catalysts, culture shifters, and as many troublemakers as possible.” With episodes like “Leading in an Age of Employee Activism,” “Creating Meaningful Connection at Work,” and “Atomic Habits,” Brown’s podcasts push its listener to think about the dynamic meaning of leadership and what it means across the intersections of career, politics, and social awareness.

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