MBTI Types and Sales 

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on a questionnaire and assigns a combination of different aspects of your personality; these combinations define the way you connect and communicate with others and perceive the world.  

“Understanding these qualities is especially important when working in sales, as the field depends on adaptability and working with others.” Says Stephanie StaianoCSS ProSearch Sales Director.

Read on to learn about MBTI types and how their qualities and traits fit in to the world of sales: 

It’s not just for extroverts! 

One of the most common misconceptions about sales and marketing is that it’s exclusively for extroverted go-getters. While the ability to easily talk to others is a great asset for marketing, introverted personality types can also find a footing and success in sales.  

Personality types that excel in sales 

Often during the hiring process, potential employees take personality tests so recruiters can get to know how they could fit in to the team. Sales and marketing heads keep an eye out for personality profiles that typically do well in the role: 

ENTJ – The Visionary 

Often characterized for their intensity and goal-oriented nature, ENTJs are some of the most common personalities found in high-ranking and successful circles. You’re enthusiastic about new ideas but keep constant focus on big-picture plans, which are crucial for businesses who are looking for sustainable growth and innovation.   

Famous ENTJs: Kamala Harris, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mindy Kaling 

ESTP – The Explorer 

ESTPs are a common type in sales, as they are known for being personable and outgoing while also staying detail-oriented and practical. You step up to challenges and are not afraid to put yourself out there, which is an invaluable trait when finding and converting leads and promoting your business.  

Famous ESTPs: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dale Carnegie, Theodore Roosevelt, Anna Wintour 

ESFJ – The Provider 

ESFJs are typically motivated by a drive to help others, as well as building and maintaining external relationships. Naturally extroverted, working with others energizes you and you in turn radiate the energy to whoever is on your team. This is a wonderful trait to bring into sales as clients will be drawn to you, and your ability to communicate and create rapport will help your business build trust. 

Famous ESFJs: Dolly Parton, Joe Biden, Lebron James, Sam Walton 

ISTP – The Detective 

Known for inquisitiveness and self-determination, ISTPs explore their environments with curiosity and practicality. Although introversion is not always the most obvious trait in sales, your ability to focus on details and adapt to spontaneous changes are important skills to strengthen and perfect back-end business processes.  

Famous ISTPs: Jack Dorsey, Clint Eastwood, Stanley Kubrick, Bruce Lee 

INTJ – The Intellectual 

With star qualities in analysis and logic, INTJs are another personality types that seem less obvious than others to excel in sales. But sales is much more than being friendly and chatting with clients – building and growing businesses also requires sharp acumen and tactical planning. Your ability to hyperfocus and zone in on details is valuable in developing and perfecting processes, as well as researching and strategizing on prospects.  

Famous INTJs: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jay-Z, Nikola Tesla 

What’s my type? 

If you didn’t find your personality type on the list, don’t fret! Having star qualities for sales and marketing is not limited to fitting into cookie-cutter archetypes, and recruiters know this. As long as you know your strengths and can identify and work with your weaknesses, your unique combination of traits will help you find success wherever you go. Just as introverts are not always the most obvious choice in sales but can excel due to their logic and focus, other personality combos have important traits and qualities that can drive a successful career. 

Use your personality to boost your next sales interview 

Now that you have an idea of the personality types that sales recruiters look for in potential hires, keep in mind the particular skills and qualities that make a good candidate. You don’t have to completely revamp your personality to match these types but look for the overlaps in their qualities and your own personality to play up during interviews. 

If you’re more introverted, highlight how this quality lets you focus and work efficiently and independently. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t talk to people, so be sure to talk up your ability to communicate and work in a team as well as your preferences as an introvert.  

How we can help 

At CSS ProSearch, we understand the importance of compatibility when looking for your next role. We take a consultative approach to recruiting and focus on building lasting partnerships when placing top sales and marketing talent in healthcare, technology, and consulting verticals. Check out our blog to read more on career and self-development, or ask us about how can help you reach your next goal.

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