Sales Webinar 2: How to Double Revenue During an Economic Downturn

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As sales teams around the world shifted into the reality of the “New Normal” they were faced with the challenge of finding a way to succeed. It’s times like this that separate the average from the all-star. Can you find a way to bring sales in when the world is changing like never before? Join Stephanie Staiano, National Sales Director as she talks with Dave Costa, Head of North American Sales at Re-Leased Software, about how he successfully led his team through this time of uncertainty- and took them down a path of having their best revenue achievement in company history. Questions being discussed:

1. Revenue aside, how have you seen your business shift due to Covid-19?

2. How have you been able to position your product in this market to successfully close deals?

3. Why do you think you have continued to identify & close new accounts throughout this economic downturn?

4. What process have you put in place to ensure you and your team can continue filling the sales funnel for Q3 and Q4?

About the speakers

Stephanie Staiano, Sales Director, CSS ProSearch: 11+ years of experience bridging strong relationships and leaving a lasting impression of passion and authenticity on everyone she meets. Stephanie works with top sales reps and leaders to build award winning teams in the Technology, Healthcare and Consulting Industries. She oversees a team of sales recruiters that are in the business of matching top sales talent with their dream company. Vice Presidents and Sales Directors go to Stephanie for their Rock Star Reps, because the CSS ProSearch team continues to deliver the perfect fit for each organization supported by a client return rate of 95%.

Dave Costa, Head of North American Sales at Re-Leased Property Software. Dave has a track record of excellence, successfully led sales teams while personally being a President’s Club Winner himself. While at Re-leased, Dave has guided his team to thrive & flourish, doubling their revenue during the global pandemic. He brings a fresh prospective to his peers, colleagues & customers.

Abby Prince, Managing Director, CSS ProSearch: 21+ years of experience in creating win-win relationships that support the growth of many national companies. Abby leaves a lasting impression of that credibility because she hits a bull’s eye with her clients by giving them multiple choices for the most talented passive sales performers. Abby and her team have supported the accelerated growth of more than 2500+ of companies in the last 10 years and overall have passively recruited and placed more than 13,700+ Top Performing Sales Reps in the Technology, Healthcare and Consulting vertical.


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