Webinar 1: Sales Webinar: Managing Remote & Keeping Sales Reps Focused & Motivated

CSS ProSearch is offering you the opportunity to learn about the Best Practices around Motivating a Remote Sales Team in a COVID-19 World.

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About this Event

Managing Remote & Keeping Sales Reps Focused & Motivated During COVID-19

Over the past 4 weeks, sales teams around the world have been asked to perform in what we now call the “New Normal”. Sales process, messaging, pipeline and environment are all changing, leaving many managers and reps unsure of how to navigate moving forward. Join our host Abby Prince, Managing Director of CSS ProSearch, as she talks to Mike Sabutis who has spent the last 20+ years successfully hiring the right talent for remote and inside sales teams. He will share with you the best practice basics, along with strategic tips around forecasting and planning, so you can continue to drive your business forward in 2020.

Abby Prince will be breaking down the sales process with Mike Sabutis to help you learn how to connect with your audience, how to drive friendly competition among your sales reps, implement remote technologies, forecast and understand what the future of business may look like in a Post COVID-19 world.

Some of the questions they will be answering include:

  1. What are the key differentiators to hiring a person who will be successful working remote?
  2. What management style works best for motivating a remote team?
  3. How do you think companies should approach quotas and forecasting right now?
  4. What technology is being utilized for optimal performance of remote sales teams?
  5. Many technical companies continue to surge forward with their businesses, but the messaging has changed – what should we be thinking about?

Abby Prince, Managing Director, CSS ProSearch: 21+ years of experience in creating win-win relationships that support the growth of many national companies. Abby leaves a lasting impression of that credibility because she hits a bull’s eye with her clients by giving them multiple choices for the most talented passive sales performers. Abby and her team have supported the accelerated growth of more than 2500+ of companies in the last 10 years and overall have passively recruited and placed more than 13,700+ Top Performing Sales Reps in the Technology, Healthcare and Consulting vertical.

Mike Sabutis, Sr VP of Sales, Datasite: 25 + years in the software/technology industry, building and managing both inside and outside sales organizations ranging from 5 to over 100 employees. Mike has a successful track record working for complete start-ups to large global corporations. He has led sales and channel teams transitioning from a perpetual license model to a SaaS model. Mike spent 10 years leading a company through a successful IPO. He is considered to be a thought leader and influencer amongst his peers, colleagues and customers.

Stephanie Staiano, Sales Director, CSS ProSearch: 11+ years of experience bridging strong relationships and leaving a lasting impression of passion and authenticity on everyone she meets. Stephanie is a National Sales Recruiter who places sales candidates of all levels, including: BDR, Mid-market, Enterprise and Leadership. Focused primarily on Technology, Healthcare and Consulting Industries. She is in the business of matching top sales talent with their dream company, and she absolutely loves speaking with the brightest sales minds every day. This does ensure she is constantly on the pulse of what is trending in the technology, healthcare and consulting job market. Vice Presidents and Sales Directors go to Stephanie for their Rock Star Reps, because the CSS ProSearch team continues to deliver the perfect fit for each organization supported by a client return rate of 95%.

A select few will be chosen to receive a copy of “The Challenger Sale” which is a book about taking control of the customer conversation and authored by Neil Rackman. This is is commonly the pre-requisite of Abby’s client base.

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